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Starting internship 1 May 3, 2011

Posted by Anne in Uncategorized.

Wow, blog! Long time no see…I’m really not so good on keeping on the writing. In any case, here’s hoping that without so many school responsibilities I can be a more attentive blogkeeper. So, what’s keeping me busy this summer? Well, I’m doing two internships. To get credit for these internships, I have to record my bi-weekly activities in a portfolio/blog. Consequently, I’m hoping that by writing things down on this blog more frequently I’ll be able to keep up with the required writing/prompts.

Today I was at Internship #1, which is in an image collection. We’ve just started a digitization project with some 35 mm slides from a former slide distribution project. The slides have been kept in boxes (not archival per se, but they don’t seem to be too bad) in cabinets in a hallway. So while not ideal conditions, they’ve been fairly protected. I’m not doing the digitization portion, but I am helping with the record-keeping and management for the project. Today, I was making set level records in our database, which are referred to as “publication records” in our particular system. I drew information for the publication records from old inventories and catalogs from the distribution project. After writing a publication record, I searched for the records for the individual slides, and attached them to the publication record. In this way, the database maintains consistency from image to image and we don’t expend a lot of energy doing duplicate record-keeping.



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